Board Member Bios

Walter Klywak

Walter Kylwak has been a TaraNova member since 1991. He worked for Thermo in various capacities for over 35 years and was Sales Manager responsible for the Western Region (Toronto to BC). Thermo manufactured instrumentation equipment for the mining, petrol chemical, food, pulp and paper and aggregate industries. Walter and his family have enjoyed many years of vacations with TaraNova and Walter brings to the Board his diverse work experiences, strong worth ethic and desire to ensure the continued health and welfare of TaraNova Vacation Club.

Mac Walker

Mac Walker has been a member of TaraNova since 1991.
He was instrumental in organizing an Ad Hoc committee in 1996 to assist TaraNova with challenges that occurred with the Developer and Management of TaraNova. Mac also organized the concept of Social Meetings for the Club and ran of number of them for the Hamilton, Kitchener, Niagrra Falls, area. Mac is a graduate of University of Western Ontario ( 1957 ) and was Head of the Mens Phys Ed department at Westmount High School in Hamilton for 25 years .

Clarence Clarke:

Mr. Clarke is an Electronics Engineering Technologist and holds a certificate as a teacher of Adults. He left the workforce to start a business as a condominium property manager and freelance training developer/instructor. In 1995 he was elected as the President of his townhouse condominium complex and continues to hold that position. He serves on a few other boards of directors for community organizations and continues to serve on school parent councils. Mr. Clarke believes he is a team player/leader and that his collaborative approach will serve to enhance and strengthen the club.

Michael Sudbury

Michael Sudbury

Michael Sudbury joined TaraNova in 1993. He is keen to contribute his knowledge and experience to the task of guiding and assisting the organization to grow and prosper in the future. He is interested in ensuring that the Club is run in an efficient and ethical manner and that good communication is maintained with the membership.

Michael is a Professional Engineer (Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario) with over 40 years of industrial experience in operation research, marketing and environmental management.

Helmut Bayer

Helmut Bayer For the past thirty years, Helmut has taught at Centennial College and previously worked in design and engineering of Heavy Industrial Equipment. He is a founding and pro-tem member of SAGE (Scarborough Association for Gifted Education) and has also been active on various church and charity committees.

John D. Brunt, B.A, LL.B.

John D. Brunt, B.A, LL.B.

John joined TaraNova in 1994. As a lawyer with over 25 years of practice he has been a longstanding contributor on the Board of Taranova, having been elected in 1998. His law practice focuses on corporate/commercial matters with a particular emphasis on real estate, commercial leasing and financing involving both real and personal property. John is a partner at the downtown Toronto firm of Blaney McMurtry LLP. His recent work has involved a significant focus in the solar/renewable energy field. John's broad experience allows him to provide support and guidance to the management of the Club and the goal of providing outstanding vacation opportunities to its membership.

Norman Griesdorf, QC

Norman Griesdorf, QC

Norman D. Griesdorf, Q.C. has been president of TaraNova Vacation Club since its inception in 1991. In 1996 he and the management team led the club in a new direction, creating a member-owned vacation club led by an independent Board of Governors. He constantly strives to ensure that member experiences with the Club are positive and rewarding from the initial purchase through the new innovations offered to our members that will enhance their vacation experiences at our own resorts and at exchange destinations.

He graduated with a BA degree from the University of Toronto and then obtained his LLB from Osgoode Hall, being admitted to practice law in Ontario in 1959. He was appointed a Queen’s Counsel in 1984 and currently is engaged in Wills & Trust as well as Business & Commercial law.

Elected Chief Barker of Variety Club of Ontario (1986-1988) he has been an Ambassador for Variety Clubs International. Norman also has served as President of Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Ontario) Inc. (1989-1990). Having completed over 29 years as counsel to the Swiss Canadian Chamber of Commerce, he was awarded a lifetime membership in the Chamber. He has been honorary counsel to the Canadian Resort Development Association and many other not-for-profit organizations and charities. He is a Past President & Chair of I.Can Foundation, a Canadian charity, founded by the late Ben Wicks, which promotes literacy in Canada and throughout the developing world.

The recipient of the Heart Award from Variety Club of Ontario, Norman also has been honoured with a Presidential Citation from Variety Clubs International, a 10-year service award from the Government of Ontario for support of theatre, and an Award of Merit from the City of Toronto. He is a lifelong supporter of live theatre in Ontario, an avid golfer and sketch artist.

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